Our company

On June 2000, we began our activities with the aim of creating a company specialized
on developing a high-level and qualified engineering. Since then, we have been combining
an optimized management of space and ergonomic designs, with a high level of detail and a high
definition and control of projects. This gives our clients a very fast economic amortization,
on both engineering and construction projects.


In ISQ, we work for our clients’ greatest amortization in the shortest time:

· A team of highly qualified engineers and technicians with over 20 years experience in the areas of dedication of the company.

· Latest hardware and software customized and updated to current regulations. This allows us to be at the forefront of graphic editing, design and calculation of facilities, and to achieve a high definition and realism in planning and management.


We give our clients a personalized, flexible and efficient organization that attends them as their Engineering Department. This is possible because of a good and direct communication. Like that, we are able to achieve an integrated engineering according to the interests of our clients while generating a comprehensive solution for the objectives that have been set.


To achieve the implementation of projects with our client’s satisfaction in relation with the jobs performed.

Every day more clients rely on us and our way to do engineering, as they can check the benefits of having a well-defined and detailed realization: saving problems during the execution of construction. Thanks to the results obtained and to our clients’ trust, we manage to keep alive our philosophy of action.